I work for Dorset Wildlife Trust, although I should point out the disclaimer to the right in case you missed it – It’s the bit about views are my own and not necessarily those of the Trust.

I’ve been watching wildlife for as long as I can remember – certainly well over 30 years anyway.

You’ll find most of my posts are about wildlife around the County, and the regular challenges that I set myself.

I can’t really say I’m ‘into’ any particular genus, species, group or whatever. It all started off with birds, then to bats, mammals and more recently reptiles – all the while having a go at flora. As such, I’m a bit of an all-rounder..

Hope you enjoy reading the posts!



2 Responses to About

  1. Hi Steve. I’m not Joanna Chambers by the way, I’m Ivan Clark ivan.clark@snh.gov.uk
    I’m staying near Sopley in a few weeks time and I’m really keen to see some snakes and reptiles. So is my 9 year old son – a big ‘Deadly 60’ fan. Sopley common looks fantastic for reptiles. I don’t suppose there are any surveys happening 2-5 July? Bit of a long shot I know!
    By the way, I loved the photos of the hare.

  2. Jason Steel says:

    Hi Steve,
    As a Committee Member of the Kent Reptile & Amphibian Group and a keen amateur wildlife photographer I’m very interested in herpetology and love to photograph our reptiles and amphibians in the UK. I was fascinated when I found out about the Western Green Lizards in Boscombe and I have been there many times over the past few years hoping to capture a good quality shot of these beauties. Back in 2011 I managed to see 10 of these stunning lizards in one day but still failed to get a clear shot of one of them. Since then the numbers that I have seen on my visits has fallen drastically. This year I have visited a few times and I haven’t seen a single specimen. On Sunday I spent 7 hours searching Boscombe at the top and bottom of the cliffs but again failed to spot one despite seeing 50+ Wall Lizards. I told my wife that I feared that the Western Green Lizards were no longer present on the site. Saddened by this assumption I still found some peace knowing that I wouldn’t have to continue my search if they were no longer there. I’ve now stumbled across your blog and I’ve seen your photo of a WG Lizard taken just a few days prior to my visit. How frustrating! lol
    I am very pleased to see that they are still there. I guess I’ll be planning another trip up there in the spring then!


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