I’m back!

It’s been ages I know.. My last blog was in July 2012.

I happened to be scanning through the various apps on my Ipad last night and stumbled across the WordPress app. It took me a while to remember my user name and password, but before too long I was re-living old blogs. Determined to get back to blogging, I promised on Twitter that I’d be back today – and here I am. Only just though, it almost slipped my mind, again..

I’ll keep them short and sweet this time around, and hopefully I’ll be able to do more blogs than I’ve done recently (won’t be difficult!).

So, the Starlings are back in their nestbox. Last year was a write off as the male got nabbed by a sparrowhawk as he fluttered down to the garden for a snack. The female disappeared soon after, either as a failed breeder, or maybe as sparrowhawk lunch?

A pair have been roosting in the box since February, and over the last few days have been busy nest building. Yesterday (11th April) I am sure the first egg was laid..

I’ll keep following their progress and let you know how it goes. They should be safe from predation as magpies are nesting in a tree at the end of the garden – and are attacking anything dove sized or above that comes near. They seem to be ok with the starlings though.

Here’s a short video of Mrs S in the box, to get us started:

That’s all for now. I did say it would be short and sweet!


Spudders or on Twitter: @spuddrs

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