A charming time in the Garden

After what seemed ages, and probably was – the birds have finally decided that yes they perhaps would like to have a try of that glut of food hanging up in the feeders in the garden.  It’s been a bit of a battle over the years as I’ve spent hours making the grandest bird table imaginable, then the plainest, then tried all manner of foods -and all the time they seem to just fly on by to next door and his selection of feeders hanging off a coatstand in the garden.

A greenfinch poses for the camera instead of tucking in to the food

I finally gave up, and just left a token feeder hanging on the line – to keep it clear of the local squirrels.  Then, just a few weeks ago…  a goldfinch dropped in for a bite to eat.  Spurred on, I added a suet treat feeder.  That opened the flood gates and the list has grown steadily ever since. 

A first on the feeder - male siskin

The highlights?  3 female blackcaps on the suet at one time, a flock of 8 long tailed tits (also on the suet), the starling pair from the nestbox (you guessed it, on the suet).  The seed feeder did come up trumps this week though, when a siskin hung in there for a while -trying to keep the charm of 7 goldfinches at bay!

He's either had a few too many to drink, or has never tried using a feeder before!

The goldfinches are now pretty much ever present.  If not on the feeder, they are sat in the birch tree singing away.  Even the starling has now managed to incorporate a bit of goldfinch song into his repertoire now! 

I suppose it will all come to an end soon though, as Spring takes over, the birds head off to raise their young, and my wife takes control of the washing line again.!

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