Mr Right arrives…

Cast your mind back to last weekend, when I left you on tenterhooks wondering if the female Starling would ever find Mr Right.. 

Mrs Starling seeks Mr Right...

Well, things looked up on Monday!

Returning from a day out enjoying the bank holiday, I went through my normal ritual of playing back any recorded images from the nestbox.  (I have a handy bit of software that records any movement detected from the video stream.)  Sure enough as expected, there were a few comings and goings of a Starling – but this was a male!

This is the Man!

I’m sure you can see the difference.  Compare the bill and you’ll see that the male has a distinctly yellow bill.  He is also slightly glossier -but that may just be an indication of his health I suppose?

So, there I was thinking that at last all was well with the Starlings and they could now start to nest build.   Wrong!!

The male has been back  most evenings for a few minutes since then, but the female has now completely disappeared.   I wonder if she got spooked by another Starling coming in to ‘her’ territory, or she simply isn’t in breeding condition so is keeping well away!

Whatever the case, at the moment the box has the start of a nest in it and is still visited by the male..  Starlings do occasionally have two broods and will often use a different nest site for the second brood – so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a while longer yet that we host a starling family..

I’ll keep you in the picture if there are any snippets from the nestboxes.

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